zondag 11 juni 2017

Flashback: first activities

In the autumn of 1999, Mathilde d'Udekem made her first public appearances as the fiancee of crown prince Philippe.

24/09/1999, at the launch of the website of the "Prince Philippe Foundation".

10/10/1999, at the opening of Europalia Hungary.

Dinner for Hungarian predident Arpad Goencz.

29/10/1999, At the Ecole Sainte-Jeanne de Chantal, where she worked as a speech therapist untill she became engaged to prince Philippe.

Among the guests was Mathilde's sister Elisabeth, who also worked as a speech therapist and who took over Mathilde's practice and work at the school in 1999 when Mathilde became engaged.

10/11/1999, Lunch for the Belgian authorities.


At a lunch for the members of government.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Acho-os encantadores juntos. Gostaria de ver mais fotos do início do noivado e das primeiras atividades de ambos como casal.
    Parabéns pelo blog!!

  2. Wat zag ze er hier nog jong uit! Maar haar vriendelijkheid is gebleven!

    1. Inderdaad, ze was 26 jaar oud op deze foto's.


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