vrijdag 19 oktober 2018

Childhood: A Summer at the Farm

In the summer of 1986, when Mathilde d'Udekem was 13, she spent 2 weeks at the farm of Julien Vermeire and his family in the small town Stalhille right near the Belgian coast. Purpose of the holiday was to learn some Dutch. It was Mathilde's father who had arranged the stay. He was originary from the region and even though he'd moved to the Ardennes after his studies he still had acquaintances in West Flanders.

When the news broke of crown prince Philippe's engagement to a Miss Mathilde d'Udekem in 1999 regional TV made this small report about Mathilde's stay at the farm. Mr & Mrs Vermeire were interviewed. They speak of Mathilde as an active young girl who liked to participate in all the farm activities: feeding the pigs, driving to the fields in the tractor... At the same time she came across as very mature for her age.


Jewels: Green Ring

During the Belgian state visit to Japan in October 2016, queen Mathilde wore a new gold ring ... with a central emerald (?)


Two years later, in October 2018, Mathilde combined the same ring with the same dress.

donderdag 18 oktober 2018

Ecole Hôtelière Provinciale Saint-Ghislain

18 October 2018

Queen Mathilde visited the hotel school of Saint-Ghislain. The students of this school often work at the royal palace and the castle of Laeken during official dinners and receptions.


This is Mathilde's second visit to the school. The first one took place in 2005.

woensdag 17 oktober 2018

20 Years of YouthStart

17 October 2018

As patron, queen Mathilde visited the YouthStart Entrepreneurial Day at Bozar in Brussels.

After having a look at the various stands, the queen attended a round table talk with 12 former YouthStart pupils who have gone on to start their own business.

With the Molengeek Team.

Europe-Asia Dinner with Young Professionals

16 October 2018

King Philippe & queen Mathilde hosted a dinner at the castle of Laeken for promising young professionals who are attending the 3rd Asia-Europe Young Leaders Summit.

maandag 15 oktober 2018

Membership: A New Job at the World Bank

The World Bank's president, Mr Jim Yong King has asked queen Mathilde to become a member of the informal group of global leaders who support the World Bank's Human Capital Agenda.

The World Bank's aim is to invest in people and improve their future by focusing on mental health, quality education and healthy nutrition.

The queen has accepted to take up this role, which complements her SDG advocacy.

zondag 14 oktober 2018

Recap: Elections

As long as they were crown prince & princess, Philippe & Mathilde went to vote at each election. Voting is compulsory in Belgium. The king and queen are the only ones who don't vote to maintain their neutrality.

8 October 2000: Municipal & Provincial Elections.

18 May 2003: Federal Elections

13 June 2004: European & Belgian Regional Elections.

8 October 2006: Municipal & Provincial Elections.

10 June 2007: Federal Elections

2009: European Elections

13 June 2010: Federal Election Day

14 October 2012: Municipal & Provincial Elections.

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