vrijdag 25 mei 2018

Henrietta Fore

25 May 2018

This morning, before leaving for Germany to attend the funeral in Altshausen, queen Mahilde had a meeting with UNICEF's executive director, Henrietta Fore.

Both ladies discussed UNICEF's agenda and strategies for young people's eduction and employment - the goals they want to reach by 2030.

Friedrich Herzog von Württemberg (1961-2018)

25 May 2018

King Philippe and queen Mathilde attended the funeral of German duke Friedrich von Württemberg (56) who was killed in a tragic car crash on the 8th of May.

The funeral took place at Altshausen (Baden-Württemberg), with over 2000 guests attending.

with princess Sybilla of Luxembourg behind them

Prince Hans Adam von und zu Liechtenstein, hereditary prince Alois von und zu Liechtenstein and his wife, duchess Sophie in Bayern.

Hereditary prince Bernhard von Baden and his wife, princess Stephanie & their eldest son, prince Leopold von Baden.

Fürst Alexander zu Schaumburg-Lippe

Archduke Karl von Habsburg. & archduke Lorenz von Habsburg

Max in Bayern & wife, Elizabeth in Bayern. Behind them: their daughter duchess Elizabeth in Bayern and her husband, Daniel Terberger.

Markgraf Max von Bayern.

Hereditary prince Albert von Turn und Taxis.

Fürst Albrecht von Oettingen-Spielberg.

Prince Heinrich von Hannover.

Hereditary prince Huburtus von Saxe-Coburg und Gotha & his wife, princess Kelly.

Leaving church after the service: duchess Marie von Württemberg, her son Wilhelm and princess Diane d'Orléans - Friedrich's widow, son and mother. Behind them: Friedrich's daughters Amélie & Dorothée with their uncle, duke Eberhard von Württemberg.

Friedrich's brother duke Philipp von Württemberg & his wife, duchess Marie Caroline in Bayern.

Prince Georg Friedrich von Preussen.

In the background: Alois & Sophie's daughter, princess Marie Caroline von und zu Liechtenstein.


Coming Up: Frederik's Party

26-27 May 2018

King Philippe & queen Mathilde will spend the weekend in Copenhagen to celebrate crown prince Frederik of Denmark's 50th birthday, in the company of other royals.

Mathilde & Frederik at last year's state visit to DK.

Flashback: Trade Mission to Australia & New Zealand

November 2002

donderdag 24 mei 2018

Visit to Limburg

24 May 2018

King Philippe & queen Mathilde visited "Flanders Bike Valley" in Beringen, an innovation center for professional cycle sport.

They then made a 15 minute bike ride to their second destination, Heusden-Zolder where they visited a former mining site, now transformed into "De Luchtfabriek", an interactive mining museum.


At the town's adult education center for adults, the royal couple met with teachers and students.

The visit concluded with a reception at the town hall of Heusen-Zolder.


woensdag 23 mei 2018

Institut Henri Jaspar

23 May 2018

Queen Mathilde visited the Henri Jaspar boarding school for girls aged 3 to 18 in Watermael Bosvoorde.

Laurence de Ghellinck acted as lady-in-waiting.

As patron of the Société Royale Protectrice de l'Enfance, the queen wanted to get acquainted with the educators and pupils of this refuge, school & home for girls who can't stay with their families.

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