donderdag 25 februari 2016

Visit to the Province Antwerp

25 February 2016

King Philippe and queen Mathilde visited "Talander" in Arendonk, a day care center for people with a mental disability.

In Turnhout they visited playing card producer "Cartamundi".

Afterwards there was a recption at the town hall of Turnhout.

They were accompanied by Mathilde's lady-in-waiting, Laurence de Ghellinck.

dinsdag 23 februari 2016

Campus Diepenbeek

23 February 2016

Queen Mathilde visited the Diepenbeek Campus of Hasselt University. She was accompanied by lady-in-waiting Patricia Vlerick.


As SDG advocate for the UN, she wished to be informed about the "Flemish Interuniversitary Council for Development Aid" (VLIR) and to talk to the foreign and Belgian students who work on international development projects.

Mathilde also visited the Design and Architecture faculty.

maandag 22 februari 2016

Alexander De Croo

22 February 2016

Queen Mathilde granted an audience to Alexander De Croo, Minister for Development Aid, at the royal palace in Brussels today.

Minister De Croo & Queen Mathilde at the start of the "European Year for Development Aid" in January 2015

vrijdag 19 februari 2016

Amélie Nothomb

19 February 2016

Queen Mathilde met writer Amélie Nothomb at the royal palace this morning.

Flashback: Meeting of the Heirs

In 2012 a photo was released of the anual meeting of the European heirs to the throne, among them 3 couples who since have become king and queen: Willem-Alexander & Maxima of the Netherlands; Philippe & Mathilde of the Belgians; Felipe VI & Letizia of Spain.

donderdag 18 februari 2016


18 February 2016

Queen Mathilde attended a lunch organized by the all female corporate network "Markant" at Restaurant Herbert Robbrecht in Vrasene.

Theme of the meeting was: "A discussion about the use and necessity of Innovation".

Before Mathilde left the chef presented her with some home made chocolates, a favorite of hers.

woensdag 17 februari 2016

Mass for deceased family members 2016

17 February 2016

As is tradition on the 17th of February, queen Mathilde and king Philippe attended the remembrance mass for deceased members of the royal family at Our Lady church of Laken.


They were accompanied by princess Esméralda and her son Leo Moncada, princess Léa and her son Renaud Bichara and by prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein & princess Margaretha of Luxembourg who's first child Léopold is burried in the royal crypt.

On the left: countess Victoria de Looz Corswarem, a great-niece of queen Fabiola.

Mogens Lykketoft

16 February 2016

In her capacity as SDG advocate, queen Mathilde received Mogens Lykketoft, who chairs the 70th UN general assembly, at the royal palace in Brussels.

zondag 7 februari 2016

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