woensdag 30 september 2015


30 September 2015

Queen Mathilde visited the Insititut Sainte-Marie in Bouillon. She was introduced to "wikifin.be", a tool that teaches teenagers to better understand everyday financial transactions.

video: http://www.rtbf.be/info/regions/luxembourg/detail_la-reine-mathilde-en-visite-a-l-institut-sainte-marie-de-bouillon?id=9094780

video: http://www.tvlux.be/video/info/societe/la-reine-mathilde-a-l-institut-sainte-marie_19934.html

Mathilde's lady-in-waiting was Laurence de Ghellinck.

dinsdag 29 september 2015


29 September 2015

King Philippe and queen Mathilde visited "Mediafin", the editor of newspapers "De Tijd" and "L'Echo".

donderdag 24 september 2015

Family: Cordelia having fun

13 September 2015

Cordelia Janssen enjoyed a "family day" at children's home Reine Astrid in La Hulpe.

Cordelia is Mathilde's sister Hélène's daughter.

dinsdag 22 september 2015

Door jongeren / Voor jongeren

22 September 2015

For the Queen Mathilde Foundation, Mathilde presided a debate on the projects for and by young people that are being supported by the Queen Mathilde Foundation.

The panel discussed how these projects can be succefull in the long term, particularly by making vulnerable and non vulnerable youngsters work together.

zondag 20 september 2015

Car free Sunday

20 September 2015

King Philippe, queen Mathilde and their 4 children joined Car Free Sunday with a bike ride in Brussels. They rode from their home at Laken castle to the Park of the Cinquantenaire.

video: http://vtm.be/royalty/koningspaar-sportief-op-autoloze-zondag#hash-video-hl

In the park they went to the "paralympics village" and tried soma paralympic sports.

video: http://vtm.be/koningin-mathilde-als-ballenmeisje

Crown princess Elisabeth lit the paralympic flame with a torch.

For the 15th anniversary of car free Sunday, the royals cut and ate a cake.

donderdag 17 september 2015

Informal Germanophonic meeting 2015

16-17 September 2015

King Philippe & queen Mathilde flew to Zürich, Switzerland on Wednesday.

In Vaduz, Liechtenstein, they were met by crown prince Aloïs of Liechtenstein and his wife, crown princess Sophie (duchess in Bavaria). Philippe & Mathilde spent the night at their home, the castle of Vaduz.

As a gift they brought fine Belgian chocolates from Neuhaus.

Mathilde spoke English to Aloïs & Sophie. 

The next day they participated in the annual meeting of the heads of state of German speaking countries in Vaduz, Liechtenstein.

While the heads of state talked about the digital era & employment, their spouses visited an eco building carpentry workshop...

(Mathilde was not accompanied by a lady-in-waiting, but she was asisted by an interpreter.) 

... and the association "Neues Lernen" that develops German language courses for newcomers.

Afterwards everybody had lunch and visited the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein.

Next year the meeting will take place in Belgium, for the first time.

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