vrijdag 13 mei 2016

Queen Mathilde Award 2016

12 May 2016

Queen Mathilde handed out the "Queen Mathilde Award" to "Ecole de devoirs ASSISA" from Liège at the royal palace in Brussels. This year's theme was "Each One, Teach One".

17 projects were nominated. They will each receive financial support in the year to come. The winner was selected by students from the Dames van het Christelijk Onderwijs in Antwerp and the Athenée Royal of Ans. "Assisa" is a homework project for young people who are living in vulnerable situations. They are being tutored daily by other youngsters who in turn get the support of social science students.

Before the award ceremony started, the queen met with representatives of the different associations who had been nominated. Also present were pupils of the secundary schools who helped elect the winner.

The band "Petticoat" gave a performance.

Prior to the day of the Award Ceremony, the queen had met the youngsters of the jury and discussed the laureats with them. 

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