donderdag 5 mei 2016

Flashback: Marie Haps

Back in 1999 when crown prince Philippe's surprise engagement was anounced, one of the few things the press could report about was Mathilde's education. She had studied to become a speech therapist at the "Institut Libre Marie Haps" in Brussels.

Mathilde d'Udekem around 1991

One of her teachers was interviewed. Claire Campolini described Mathilde as a brilliant student with a great capacity to listen to others - one of the main skills a speech therapist should possess. "She's born to be in touch with others," Campolini said. She also described her former pupil as being discreet, sometimes a little too discreet and as a hard worker who really wanted to start a career as a speech therapist.

From Mathilde's matriculation it's clear she enrolled in 1991, at 18 years of age.

At 21 she completed her training with a thesis on autistic children. She obtained her degree with great distinction.

Mathilde's younger sister, Elisabeth d'Udekem followed the same course at the same school. 

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