vrijdag 12 juli 2019

The Entire Family

A photo was published of the royal family at a private celebration for the 60th wedding anniversary of former king Albert II & former queen Paola.

The photo was taken on 6 July 2019 in the south of France.

Left to right, standing up: prince Amedeo holding his daughter Anna-Astrid, prince Laurent, prince Amedeo's wife Lili Rosboch who is expecting her second child, prince Nicolas, princess Luisa, crown princess Elisabeth, princess Louise, prince Aymeric, king Philippe, prince Emmanuel, prince Gabriel, queen Mathilde, princess Eléonore, princess Claire, prince Lorenz, princess Astrid, princess Laetitia and princess Laura.

Sitting: queen Paola, king Albert II.

The only one absent was prince Joachim. None of the partners of princess Astrid's unmarried children are in the picture but they could well have been invited of course. 

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