zaterdag 8 september 2018

Mass for King Baudouin (1930-1993)

8 September 2018

King Philippe & queen Mathilde were joined by a large number of family members for a mass at the Notre Dame de Laeken church, commemorating the passing of king Baudouin in 1993.

Princess Astrid and prince Lorenz with their children Amedeo (32) & his wife Lili (who looks like she could be pregnant again), princess Luisa (22) and princess Laura (30).

Grand duke Henri of Luxembourg and his son, prince Louis (32), now divorced from Tessy Antony.

 Prince Guillaume & princess Sybilla of Luxembourg.

With their children: prince Paul-Louis, princess Charlotte and prince Léopold of Luxembourg

Princess Margaretha of Luxembourg & prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein, with their children, princess Annunciata (33), princess Astrid (31) and prince Josef (29) of Liechtenstein.

Princess Marie-Astrid of Luxembourg & archduke Carl Christian of Austria Este with his mother, princess Yolande de Ligne.

Princess Léa and her son, Renaud Bichara.

After the mass queen Mathild told a lady crown princess Elisabeth is doing "well, very well" in Wales. She added that it's quite an adjustment for the entire family now she's gone.

Prince Laurent and Herman De Croo.

Hélène Vestur, prince Jean of Luxembourg's ex wife

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