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State Visit #5: Denmark

Tuesday 28th of March 28 2017

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde left Melsbroek military airport.

The royal couple greeted the entire delegation. Mathilde told one of the journalists that "Margrethe is a lovely lady".

10:00 Arrival at Copenhagen Airport, where the royal couple were greeted by queen Margrethe, crown prince Frederik, crown princess Mary, prince Joachim and princess Marie.

Crown prince Frederik personally drove the car that took queen Mathilde and crown princess Mary to Amalienborg palace, for the official welcome.


From Kastellet they made a 1,5 kilometer carriage ride to Amalienborg where they arrived at 11:00.

Afterwards Philippe & Mathilde met Danish PM Lars Løkke Rasmussen and chairman of the Parliament, Pia Kjærsgaard at Christiansborg.

They had lunch in the company of members of the Danish and Belgian government.

A spot of tourism...

Crown prince Frederik & crown princess Mary joined Philippe & Mathilde for a 30 minute boat tour in Copenhagen harbor.

Last activity of the afternoon: Mathilde & Philippe were expected at the Marriott Hotel of Copenhagen, where they met Belgians living in Copenhagen.

Actress Birgitte Hjort Sørensen, known from the series "Borgen"

From the speech of queen Margrethe: "Your Majesty’s grandmother Queen Astrid came from Sweden as did my mother. Not only were they cousins, but they were close friends ever since their childhood. My sisters and I remember well how our mother Queen Ingrid spoke with love and deep regret of Aunt Astrid, and her portrait photograph was always in our mother’s room.

It gives me much pleasure that the relations between our two families have become even closer by Queen Mathilde accepting to be the godmother of Princess Isabella, my granddaughter."

Wednesday 29th of March 2017 

Frederik & Philippe visited Copenhagen City Hall.

Afterwards they went on to Dansk Industri.

Meanwhile crown princess Mary briefed queen Mathilde on her Mary Foundation, at Mary's office in Amalienborg.

Then they visited Amager Common School in Copenhagen, where Mary Fonden's "Fri for Mobberi" campaign is used as an anti-bullying method.

They were accompanied by their ladies-in-waiting. For Mathilde, Lindsay Edwards was present - at the gala the night before it was baroness Patricia Vlerick who acted as lady-in-waiting for Mathilde.



Frederik accompanied Philippe to State of Green.

Mary accompanied Queen Mathilde to UN City and later hosted a working lunch.

Meanwhile Frederik & Philippe attended a high level lunch and visited Net Denmark.

In the afternoon the Danish crown prince couple accompanied the Belgian royal couple to the Cinematheque for the film "Experience Belgium" and to a taste of "the best of Belgium" trade fair.

Then Frederik & Philippe went jogging together, they did a 45 minute run at Kastellet, stopping to see the Little Mermaid.

In the evening king Philippe and queen Mathilde hosted a return event at the Black Diamond for
queen Margrethe, the crown prince couple, prince Joachim and princess Marie and princess Elisabeth.

A concert by the Orchestre National de Belgique was followed by a dinner.



Thursday 30th of March 2017

On their final morning in Denmark, king Philippe & queen Mathilde signed a window of the Fredensborg palace with their names... A tradition for all of queen Margrethe's guests.

In a chat with the press Mathilde said she saw her goddaughter Isabella (9) on Tuesday. She'd brought her a gift, but didn't reveal what it was. "She's only a year older than Eléonore so I have plenty of inspiration". Mathilde added that Isabella has in the past been over to Brussels, on visit. When the journalist reacted surprised to this news, she added: "You don't know everything. We also have a private life! And that's a good thing too..." 

Mathilde said she shares many interests with crown princess Mary and that the Mary Foundation does a great job. she thought their work on bullying is impressive. Philippe called Frederik 'a true friend'.

The queen also said to be keen to go back home, even though she'd been "among family" these past days, because Elisabeth and Gabriel finished their exams and were waiting for the results.

At about 9:30, the king & queen boarded the plane that took them back to Belgium. 

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