donderdag 3 maart 2016

2 x International Women's Day

3 March 2016

For International Women's Day (8 March), queen Mathilde met a group of prominent ladies from diverse industries in Bruges to have breakfast together.

Mathilde told the little boy who welcomed her that she had a cold.

Melissa Maas acted as lady-in-waiting.

The invited ladies were:

- writer Ann De Craemer
- Cathy Defoor, vice president of "Picanol"
- Marie-Christine Deleu, regional judge
- Warda El-Kaddouri, scientific researcher & UN Youth representative
- Actress Lize Feryn
- Hannelore Hochepied, Ostend's chief police officer
- Katrien Van Eeckhoutte, director of the Bruges Concert Building
- Ann Lambrechts, "Bekaert"'s Global Sales & Product Manager
- Vivi Lombaerts, coordinator of WWI remembrance platform "GoneWest"
- Boxing champion Delfine Persoon
- Brigitte Smessaert of agro-food association "Vlaams Huis van de Voeding"
- Kristine Wyffels of donation fund "Streekfonds West-Vlaanderen"

Mathilde stayed for 90 minutes.

At noon queen Mathilde was back at home in Laken to host a lunch meeting with another set of leading ladies from various industries. King Philippe joined them.

Here the invited ladies were:

- Sophie Biernaux, vice president of "Glaxo SmithKline Biologicals"
- Ingrid De Jonghe, founder of Youth Psychotherapy Consult "TEJO" 
- Marion Debruyne, decan of the "Vlerick Business School"
- Sophie Heine, researcher for the European affairs program, "Egmont Institute"
- Cathy Herbrand, lecturer & researcher in Sociology at De Montfort University
- Brigitte Maréchal,director of islamic studies center "CISMOC"
- Meinie Nicolai, chair of "Médecins sans Frontières" Belgium
- Marie-Geneviève Pinsart, head of the Philosophy Faculty of ULB
- Documentary maker Elien Spillebeen
- Claire Tillekaerts, director of Internatrional Business Agency "FIT" (and wife of Dirk Brossé)
- Laure Twyffels, Manager of "Center for Microscopy and Molecular Imaging"
- Clarinet player Annelien Van Wauwe

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