dinsdag 22 maart 2016

Brussels Terror Attack

22 March 2016

Because of several terror attacks that took place in Brussels today, princess Elisabeth, prince Gabriel, prince Emmanuel and princess Eléonore were escorted back home from school early in the day.

King Philippe and queen Mathilde have expressed their shock and horror at these "cowardly and awful acts". They were being informed of the latest news.

Court published a new photo on their Facebook, of the Belgian flag on top of the palace.

Condolences and messages of support have been sent by king Felipe of Spain, king Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, king Harald of Norway, king Carl Gustav of Sweden, king Mohammed VI of Morroco, king Abdallah of Jordan, grand duke Henri of Luxembourg, prince Albert of Monaco, Queen Elizabeth II of England and queen Margrethe of Denmark.

The planned activities for the king and queen were cancelled for the next days.

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