dinsdag 3 oktober 2017

Entourage: Communications Team

From the 1st of October 2017 Patrick Renault is the new Director of Communications and Media at Belgian Court. He replaces Pierre-Emmanuel De Bauw who resigned from this function and has since been appointed as Belgian ambassador in Ireland.

Patrick Renault & his new boss (photo from 2012)

Mr Renault has a degree in law from the University of Namur. He worked in advocacy for two years before entering diplomacy. He was the Head of Communications and Press for the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

As Belgian ambassador he worked in Australia and Argentina. 

Mr Renault will be working on a daily basis with the vice director for communications, Rafike Yilmaz and communication officers, Patrick Gouders and Frank Derniest.

Patrick Gouders & Rafike Yilmaz

 Patrick Gouders

 Frank Derniest, Patrick Gouders & former communications chef, Pierre-Emmanuel De Bauw

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