woensdag 25 oktober 2017

Crown princess Elisabeth turns 16 today

These new photos were shared on social media. 

Elisabeth & family dog Jeep.

Also, the website of the Belgian Monarchy gave her biography an update:

Elisabeth's very sportive. She skies regularly, she plays tennis, she sails and practices deep sea diving. She loves being in nature and likes hiking. She also meets up with friends very often.

For several years, Elisabeth has been learning to play the piano, but she also likes various other music styles. She enjoys cooking and likes to discover new recipes. She's an avid reader who wants to be inspired by books.

After school, Elisabeth sometimes volunteers to help children with learning difficulties. In the past she also volunteered in a care home for the elderly, in a homeless centre and among disabled persons.

After lunch with the birthday girl, queen Mathilde had to leave for Thailand to attend the late king Bhumibol's cremation ceremony.

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