vrijdag 30 juni 2017

Paola's 80th birthday celebration

29 June 2017

Even though her birthday is on the 11th of September, queen Paola's 80th birthday was officially celebrated today, at the Reine Elisabeth Music Chapel in Argenteuil with a concert followed by a reception.

All of Paola's children and grandchildren were present, with the exception of princess Laura.

Clotilde Boël was present as Mathilde's lady-in-waiting.

Crown princess Elisabeth's pretty Maje dress was also seen on Pippa Middleton.

Among the guests: Edouard Vermeulen.

video of the cutting of the cake:
Notice how there seems to be no interaction between Philippe's children and their cousins, whilst Astrid & Laurent's children do interact. Significant of the irritations/jealousies these past years?

Emmanuel has joined his older sister & brother in wearing braces.

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