vrijdag 12 mei 2017

Philantropy Works!

12 May 2017

Queen Mathilde pronounced the opening speech, in English, at the "Spring of Philantropy" conference at the Concert Noble in Brussels.

This series of conferences is organized by the King Boudewijn Foundation to enhance and promote philantropy in our society.

"Ladies and Gentlemen,

Over the years the world has become increasingly complex. A variety of major issues have emerged that require long-term solutions. As a result, philanthropy has become more and more important." 

"Ten prominent European philanthropic organisations have come together for an open dialogue on new practices and innovative ideas. The hopes and concerns of philanthropists in Europe will be high on the agenda. But this dialogue will not stop today; it is just the first step of an ongoing process."

" (...) This conference is an important and timely initiative. Our society is rocked by problems, the size and complexity of which risk creating polarisation and insularity. The very notion of ‘living together’ is often called into question (...)"

"Young people bring their own drive and competences - particularly their digital skills - to a world where they would like to see more solidarity. Think of the many apps, created by young entrepreneurs in Belgium and the rest of Europe, which serve the public or stimulate their interest. Later on, in the session devoted to the diversity of philanthropy in Europe, you will learn more about MalariaSpot, an application that helps diagnose malaria."

"Philanthropists, however, must be able to combine great ambition with great modesty. They must have the ambition to make a real impact, but the modesty to know that, without others, real change is likely to be very limited. Philanthropists must therefore also be good listeners and open-minded."

"Short term charitable actions have their place. Our aim, however, is to provide individuals with lasting tools to increase their human dignity, tools to raise their social and economic levels. In short, we want to enable them to take control of their own lives."

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