dinsdag 11 april 2017

Zaineb Tebbi

In Belgium, when a family has seven sons in a row, they can ask the king to become godfather of their seventh son. Likewise, the queen can become godmother of a seventh daughter.

Recently, queen Mathilde has accepted becoming the godmother of Zaineb Tebbi from Ghent, the youngest daughter of a family with Algerian roots. The girl was born on the 20th of October 2016 and the request was officially made by the city of Ghent who acts as intermediary.

Two years ago, Mathilde became godmother of another 7th daughter, in complete discretion.

Zaineb received an engraved silver cup from the queen.

It was presented by mayor Daniel Termont of Ghent.

When the godchild becomes 15 she's usually invited at the royal palace for an official occasion, like the christmas concert.

Father Embarek Tebbi & mother Hadjira Sadki with their 7 daughters: Radja (17), Soumia (15), twins Amina and Ikrem (9), Rahma (5), Aya (2) and baby Zaineb.

Nowadays, the request for a royal godparent can also be made by newly composed families who already have children from previous relationships.

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