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UNICEF visit to Ethiopia

9 November 2015 - 12 November 2015

As honorary chair of UNICEF Belgium, queen Mathilde made a three-day visit to Ethiopia. The projects she visited evolve around the survival and wellbeing of children.

Sunday 8th November 2015

Departure from Brussels.

Monday 9th November 2015

Arrival in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia.

Meeting the president of the Oromia region.

Visiting children's hospital "Yekatit 12".

Meeting women who actively support women's and girls' rights and their economic and social development. The meeting took place at the Belgian ambassador's residence.

The Belgian ambassador, Didier Nagant de Deuxchaisnes is a former advisor of king Philippe. His wife, Laetitia Spetchinski is the daughter of Philippe's aunt, Léa Wolman.

Tuesday 10th November 2015

Visiting the new clean water provisions of Gursum town.

Wednesday 11th of November 2015

Visits to health and nutrition programmes supported by UNICEF in Kersa Woreda.

Mathilde was visibly touched by the effects malnutrition has on some of the children (see video below).

Thursday 12th of November 2015

Meeting women who have been victim of genital mutilation.

Meeting with the president of Ethiopia, Mulatu Teshome.

In the evening the visit to Ethiopia concluded with a reception at the Belgian embassy in Addis Abeba. 

It's obvious the ambassador couple and their 3 children, Louise, Charles-Albert and Alexandre are friends of Mathilde's. 

Charles-Albert greeted the queen with a friendly and simple "Bonsoir Mathilde".

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