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Private: Mathilde's bakers

Among the royal warrant holders are two bakeries who provide the royal family with bread and patisserie.

Every day at 6:45 AM Fabrice Debroux stops at the castle of Laken to deliver buns, baguettes and Danish pastries. His bakery, Biasetto in Strombeek-Bever supplies the bread and cakes for Mathilde, Philippe and their children. Five years ago, a palace employee was sent to several bakeries to buy all sorts of breads and cakes. Biasetto was selected by the royal family as their favorite.

Wittamer is where the royal family orders fine patisserie for special (private and official) occasions.

Wittamer made Philippe & Mathilde's wedding cake in 1999: a two tier cake for 150 guests. The couple had requested a favorite taste from their childhood: a chocolate cake that tasted like a brownie with hints of citrus and crème anglaise. It also needed to have a crispy white cover. After 21 trials the famous Brussels bakery nailed it.

For Mathilde's 42nd birthday in January 2015, Wittamer made this vanilla and chocolate iced cake.

The family sometimes passes by to eat something on the terrace, accompanied by bodyguards.

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