zondag 19 juli 2015

Borrowed jewellery: Art deco tiara

In 1925 king Albert I and queen Elisabeth of the Belgians celebrated their silver wedding anniversary. On this occasion, king Albert gave his wife an art deco design tiara, (probably) ordered from Cartier. 

In 1930, queen Elisabeth wore the tiara for the first time, at the visit of Japanese prince Takamatsu and his wife to Brussels.

Four years later, she passed the tiara on to her daughter-in-law, queen Astrid, at the birth of grandson Albert. The baby was named after Elisabeth’s husband who had died earlier the same year. 

After queen Astrid’s death, barely one year later, the art deco tiara was worn with great creativity by king Leopold III’s second wife, princess Lilian. She added stones to top of tiara for the visit of American president Hoover. These were probably the solitaires from the tiara of the nine provinces.

When Leopold & Astrid’s youngest son, prince Albert married, the tiara was given to his bride, princess Paola who wore it often and in many different ways.

The only time queen Mathilde has worn this tiara was on her wedding day, the 4th of December 1999. Her personal "laurel wreath" tiara, a gift from the Belgian nobility wasn't ready to use yet.


15 years later it was worn by another bride: Lili Rosboch von Wolkenstein, who married prince Amedeo of Belgium in Rome in July 2014.

In 2016 princess Astrid wore it at a banquet in honour of the German president, Joachim Gauck.

This tiara is it the only piece of Belgian royal jewellery that has been worn by 5 generations of the royal family.

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