vrijdag 4 mei 2018

Gala at Wiels

Clotilde Boël, one of queen Mathilde's ladies-in-waiting, attended a gala dinner at Centre for Contemporary Art Wiels in Brussels.

Art collectors and artists were invited to take a look at the new season.

Arne Quinze

Baroness Michèle Sioen

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Is Clothile related to Delphine de Boel?

  2. Hello MAXny,

    Yes, there's a relation.

    Clotilde's maiden name is Clotilde de Peñarada de Franchimont. She took her husband, Harold Boël's name.

    Harold Boël is related to Jacques Boël, Delphine's legal father. Harold's grandfather (René Boël) and Delphine's grandfather (Max Boël) were brothers.

    Of course how related Delphine really is, is another matter since she has no blood ties with the Boël family if king Albert II is her natural father.

    Also interesting: Mathilde's sister Hélène d'Udekem also married into the larger Boël family. Her husband, Nicolas Janssen's grandmother (Marie-Anne Boël) was a sister of the abovementioned Max & René Boël.


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