donderdag 29 maart 2018

Family: Henri d'Udekem Acquitted

March 2018

Mathilde's uncle, count Henri d'Udekem d'Acoz (82), has been acquitted in appeal of swindle.

The Court of Appeal in Ghent judged that the facts he had earlier been tried for, are not proven.
According to Mr d'Udekem's lawyer, his client is releaved and has never felt guilty of the accusations.

Count d'Udekem, who was a lawyer himself, and one of his former clients, known swindler Hans V. were accused of having robbed a former car dealer of  € 166.000 with fake promises over a plot of land. The car dealer secretly started recording conversations he had with the accused men. The court of appeal has followed Mr d'Udekem's lawyer, who claims it can't be certain it's really d'Udekem's voice on the tapes, since he's been often imitated in public.

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