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Residence: Laeken Castle

When Mathilde d'Udekem got engaged to crown prince Philippe she must have often set foot in his impressive home, an apartment in the castle of Laken.

When they got married she officially moved in with him.

After a few years they changed apartments and moved from the right wing of the building to an apartment in the left wing.

Some parts of the castle are used for official activities...

... Others are private.

The castle is set in a private park of 186 hectares. 60 garderners maintain the park and the greenhouses on a daily basis.

The greenhouses were built in the early 1870s by Alphonse Balat for king Leopold II. They're open to the general public during 3 weeks each spring.

One of the greenhouse buildings houses a subtropical swimming pool.

There's a private railway building (out of use) ...

... and a playhouse for the children that was designed by queen Astrid in the 1930s as a copy of her own childhood playhouse on the Fridhem estate in Sweden.

A chaumière cottage on the estate used to be queen Elisabeth's atelier. It's preserved as it was when she died.

The family can enjoy the view of the Japanese tower and the Chinese Pavillion.

The royal park also houses other Belgian royals: Albert & Paola in the Belvédère (although they spend most of the year in Rome and France) ...

Princess Paola at the Belvédère in 1974.

... and Astrid & Lorenz in their newly built villa "Schonenberg". Their son, prince Amedeo & his wife, Lili Rosboch spent the first year of their marriage in an adjacent farm style building - before moving to Basel, Switzerland in 2017.

Amedeo & Lili's former home

The park also houses castle Stuyvenberg where queen Fabiola used lived from 1993 untill her passing in 2014. It has been rented out to baroness Michèle Sioen & Marnix Galle, who renovated it and moved in in 2018.

This is the gardener's lodge.

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  1. I absolutely ADORE this blog!!! Please keep up the fabulous work. I check it everyday for a new post because I love it so much. Mathilde is my favourite royal and your knowledge of her overall is wonderful. I welcome it and love learning about her life before marriage, after marriage and after becoming Queen. Thank you!


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