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Flashback: wedding of prince Amedeo of Belgium & Lili Rosboch

5 July 2014

King Philippe and queen Mathilde were in Rome, Italy for the wedding of ther nephew, prince Amedeo of Belgium (Philippe's godson) and Lili Rosboch von Wolkenstein.

Guests arriving:

Amedeo's grandmother, Margherita de Savoie-Aoste with her son, archduke Martin of Austria-Este and his wife, princess Katharina von Isenburg-Birstein.

Count Riprand von und zu Arco-Zinneberg & wife, archduchess Marie Beatrice of Austria-Este (Lorenz's sister)

Their daughters: countesses Marie Gabrielle, Giorgiana, Olympia, Maximiliana and Anna von Arco-Zinneberg...

... and countess Margherita von Arco-Zinneberg

Crown princess Elisabeth (Amedeo's goddaughter) was among the flower girls just like her cousins, princess Louise and princess Laetitia.

Queen Paola & King Albert

Princes Claire and prince Laurent of Belgium with their twin sons, prince Nicolas and prince Aymeric.

Princess Laura & prince Joachim of Belgium.

Princess Margaretha of Luxembourg & prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein with their daughters, princess Astrid and princess Anunciata of Liechtenstein.

The family of archduke Carl Christian of Habsburg  & princess Marie-Astrid of Luxembourg.

Prince Jean of Luxemboug & Diane de Guerre with prince Guillaume of Luxembourg

Lavinia Borromeo & John Elkann.

Ginevra Elkann &  Giovanni Gaetani dell’Aquila d’Aragona with their son Pietro.

Countesses Tatiana, Anna & Sofia de Pahlen

Prince Edouard de Merode & wife Silvia Steisel

Prince Hadrien de Croÿ-Roeulx & wife Jacqueline Desmarais

Prince Philipp and princess Isabelle von Liechtenstein

Princess Beatrice of York

Count Giberto Arrivabene & wife, princess Bianca di Savoia 

Archduchess Gabriele of Austria, Archuke Simeon of Austria & wife, princess Maria de Borbon-Two Sicilies.

Prince Lorenz and countess Lilia de Smecchia, Lili's mother

Princess Astrid and her son, Amedeo

Arrival of Lili and her father, Ettore Rosboch, accompanied by princess Luisa who was the bridesmaid.

Lili's gown and veil were designed by Valentino. 

She wore the Belgian "art deco" tiara, designed by Cartier in 1925.

Entering the church

Leaving the church

Guests leaving the church:

Princess Laura & prince Joachim, followed by countess Anna Arco-Zinneberg, Frédéric Giscard d'Estaing (former room mate of Amedeo in NY) and prince Hadrien de Croÿ-Roelx. In the right hand corner: Anna's boyfriend, prince Jean-Christophe Napoléon.

Lorenz's sister Isabella and her husband count Andrea Czarnocki-Lucheschi

Princess Astrid & princess Anunciata von Liechtenstein, princess Louise Stolberg-Stolberg and princess Alix de Ligne.

paparazzi video

The wedding dinner and party was held at the Villa Medicis in Rome.

Prince Josef von Liechtenstein, Fannina Bauer-Grung, Cosima Bucarelli & princess Anunciata von Liechtenstein

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