Saturday, 9 January 2016

Grand duke Jean turns 95

9th of January 2016

King Philippe and queen Mathilde attended a birthday concert for grand duke Jean of Luxembourg.

The guests:

King Philippe and queen Mathilde of the Belgians

Former king Constantin and former queen Anne Marie of Greece:

Princess Beatrix of Holland

Prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein and princess Margaretha of Luxembourg:

Princess Astrid, prince Josef and princess Anunciata of Liechtenstein:

Prince Guillaume and princess Stéphanie of Luxembourg

Prince Jean of Luxembourg & Diane de Guerre, princess Marie-Astrid of Luxembourg & archduke Carl Christian de Habsbourg-Lorraine.

Constantin, Wenceslas, Marie Gabrielle and Carl de Nassau:

Prince Paul Louis, prince Jean, princess Charlotte and prince Léopold of Luxembourg:

Archduke Christophe and archduchess Adélaïde de Habsboutg-Lorraine

Archduchess Marie-Christine de Habsbourg-Lorraine and count Rodolphe de Limburg Stirum:

Archduke Imre and archduchess Kathleen de Habsbourg-Lorraine:

Archduchess Gabriella and archduke Alexander de Habsbourg-Lorraine

Prince Sébastien and princess Alexandra of Luxembourg

Queen Sofia and princess Irene of Greece

Prince Félix and princess Claire of Luxembourg

Prince Louis and princess Tessy of Luxembourg, with their sons Gabriel and Noah.

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