dinsdag 26 mei 2015

Private: shopping for the children

Two of the current royal warrant holders are shops where Mathilde regularly buys items for her children. Both of them are Belgian family businesses.

"La Buissonnière" is a classic BCBG clothes brand for children. Every season a special preview is held for the royal children at the shop in Wavre. Their nanny and Mathilde's secretary make a selection of clothes that the children try on at home. Afterwards Mathilde orders the sizes and colours.


The brand also dressed prince William and prince Harry of Wales when they were small children.


"Serneels" is a traditional style toy shop in Brussels. Among its customers are the Belgian royal family, grand duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg and queen Rania of Jordan. When picking board games for her children, queen Mathilde always looks for an educational element, says director Brigitte Serneels. Nowadays the queen is often accompanied by her eldest daughter, crown princess Elisabeth who advises Mathilde on what to buy.


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