vrijdag 15 februari 2019

Flashback: Engagement of prince Amedeo of Belgium & Lili Rosboch

15 February 2014

At princess Astrid's Villa Schonenberg, on the Royal estate of Laeken, the royal family (minus prince Laurent's family) gathered for the official presentation of prince Amedeo's engagement to Italian Elisabetta Maria ("Lili") Rosboch von Wolkenstein.

The couple had met in London as students. Lili was a good friend of Amedeo's sister Laura. They had been a couple for nearly 10 years before getting engaged. Before moving to Belgium, Amedeo & Lili had worked & lived together in New York - Amedeo as a banker, Lili as a cultural journalist.

Nowadays they have a daughter, archduchess Anna Astrid von Habsburg Lothringen, and live in Basel, Switzerland.

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