zaterdag 1 oktober 2022

Flashback: European Job Days

1 October 2011

Princess Mathilde was at the Berlaymont Building in Brussels to visit to European Job Days, a recruitment & networking event organized by the European Commission. 

vrijdag 30 september 2022

Gabriel's Blue Beret Ceremony

30 September 2022

King Philippe handed out the blue berets to the new promotion of soldiers who passed the six week initiation training at the Royal Military Academy. Among the platoon was his son, Prince Gabriel (19). This moment marks the start of their official training.

Queen Mathilde and Crown Princess Elisabeth (20) were also present. 

Elisabeth was sporting a new, shorter hairstyle. She carried one of Mathilde's Dior clutches. 

Two years ago Elisabeth was in her brother's shoes:  

After the ceremony, Elisabeth & Gabriel posed together for pictures. With a very proud mum looking on!

Elisabeth & Gabriel left in one car, Philippe & Mathilde in another.

Earlier in the day, Court released these pictures from Gabriel's  week initiation at Camp Elsenborn.

Remarkable to notice that Prince Gabriel had been matriculated under the name "van Saksen Coburg", unlike his sister who has served using the name "van België". Court precised later this was to mark the continuity between King Philippe & Crown Princess Elisabeth's days in the military, both as "van België". 

Just like his older sister, Gabriel chose the Dutch language to study at the ERM.

donderdag 29 september 2022

Breast Cancer + Young Hospitality Workers

29 September 2022

As Royal Protector of BIG, Queen Mathilde attended an academic symposium on breast cancer at the Palais des Beaux Arts in Brussels.

In the evening Philippe & Mathilde had a group of young entrepreneurs from the hospitaily industry over for dinner at Laeken Castle. They discussed their future plans and the rising prices.

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