vrijdag 20 juli 2018

Opening of the Royal Palace & New Paintings

19 July 2018

Like every summer, the royal palace is opened for the public.

King Philippe and queen Mathilde took a look at the temporary exhibitions that are being displayed in a few of the palace rooms.

An occasion to take a closer look at the paintings the king made of his uncle, king Baudouin who died 25 years ago.

Also, the first painted portraits of Philippe & Mathile can be seen at the royal palace. They were made by Uruguayan paintor Osvaldo Leite, who also gave Philippe some advise for his own work.

Philippe also revealed he's already painted Mathilde too.

video: https://nieuws.vtm.be/vtm-nieuws/cultuur-media/koning-filip-eert-boudewijn-met-schilderij

A visit to the royal palace is free, and can be made from the 22nd of July until the 2nd of September 2018.

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