dinsdag 6 februari 2018

Safer Internet Day

6 February 2018

Queen Mathilde issued a video message on cyber bullying, aimed at children.

It was recorded at home, the castle of Laken.

in French, short & long version:

in Dutch, short & long version:

In an interview, Mathilde revealed she went to see the film "Wonder" with her 4 children. She encourages them to actively get involved when they notice someone is bullied.

This really hits me, I will continue doing this

"Each time I hear the thoroughly sad stories of young people who are the victim of cyber bullying, it really hurts me. We only know about the cases that make it to the news. But those are just the tip of the iceberg.", Mathilde says.

" I know what the consequences of bullying are: young people losing their self confidence. There are suicides. If I can prevent those by taking up space in the newspaper, I will be genuinly happy."

"As you know, I'm a psychologist. It used to be my profession. I've seen children bearing the consequences of other people's bad behaviour. I've always been concerned about the mental welfare of people - it's also the essence of my UN advocacy on sustainable development goals, to make sure people get a good mental health care and a proper education."

Mathilde concludes het talk to HLN with a promise. "The reason I stand behind this, is my concern for other people's welfare. I want to give them a voice. And I will continue doing this, as long as this kind of bullying goes on."

Earlier, the queen had a meeting at her patronage Child Focus, with children and youngsters who have experienced bullying.

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