zaterdag 28 juli 2018

The Engagement

Monday 13 September 1999

The couple surprised the press by walking towards them and briefly answering questions.

When Mathilde was asked what had attracted her in the prince, she answered: "his profoundness". Would she continue her work as a speech therapist? "I don't think so". How will your life as a princess be? Mathilde: "I don't know yet, we'll have to wait and see". Doesn't the prospect of royal life scare you? "I'm sure Philippe will help me".

After having answered briefly to questions in French and Dutch, Mathilde also launched a "Ciao a tutti" to the Italian press, stumbling a bit over her words.

Philippe insisted on telling the press that their love had developped naturally. No-one had set them up. When he met Mathilde, he knew she was the one. The time was right. One of the journalists even asked if it's was a marriage of love. "Yes!" How did you meet? To this the crown prince answered: "We'd like to keep that to ourselves. But no-one introduced us".

Then there was a short reception where the press was asked to turn their microphones off.

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  1. Admiro muito a Rainha Mathilde!! Acho-a belíssima e encantadora!!
    Essas fotos do anúncio do noivado são lindas!! A foto em que se olham nos olhos, tão próximos um do outro é simplesmente divina!! Típica de um amor de contos de fadas e transmite o encantamento de um pelo outro!! Demonstram estar vivendo um momento mágico, único, de felicidade pura e verdadeira.
    Já assisti muitas vezes os vídeos do anúncio do noivado e em todas elas consigo me emocionar de maneira diferente. Em todas elas sinto o amor que os une!!
    De todos os casais reais, são os que mais admiro!!


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