maandag 12 september 2016

Flashback: Washington

In 2005 Philippe & Mathilde made a visit to Washington.

Mathilde was expecting Emmanuel.

They visited the WWII memorial at Arlington Cemetary.

At the university of Georgetown Mathilde gave a speech on microcredits.

At the Gallaudet Campus for ASL and deaf studies

Meetings at the World Bank.

At the Belgian embassy: the president of the World Bank received a Belgian distinction.

On a trade visit to the US in 2011 prince Philippe & princess Mathilde visited Washington DC

Mathilde visited the Library of Congres, she lunched at the Belgian embassy and attended an ICRW Leadership Council Meeting where Mathilde talked about women's rights.

Mathilde went to a French-American school to meet Belgian children.

Philippe & Mathilde visited Arlington Cemetery where they met WWII veterans who fought in the battle of the bulge and liberated Bastogne, Mathilde's home town.


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